Redefine branding

Zero-waste impactful goods

We buy from our favourite brands to elevate our social status and support a purpose. But no matter how high or low the price of an item or how eco-friendly the material is, the nature of our todays consumption produces waste for our world, while taking resources away from the planet. Today an expensive brand is as wasteful as a fast-fashion brand. Because when the uniqueness of the products diminishes, no one bothers to reuse the material anymore. This fact has made fashion the third most polluting industry after the fuel and agriculture industry.

Since our products are crafted with a higher purpose in mind, when you purchase Electronin products, you are doing good for yourself and your world simultaneously. While %50 of the profits made on each sale is donated to make a positive change for a cause that you care about, the remaining half is used within the brand to recycle our material, support our partners, and grow our company. With this business model, if we sell enough products, we could eliminate the world's largest issues together!

Let's imagine you shopping with Electronin from your electronic device! 
When you can sit in your home and choose a product to buy from the comfort of your couch, we can say you have a luxury that not everyone has.

Electronin makes you unique for the world:

    When you buy your product, your conscious choice improves our world by impacting a cause that you care about without producing any waste in the long-term.This Immediately makes you unique for a world in desperate need of help and less waste.

    Electronin makes you unique for your society:

      With Electronin when you can talk about your product's change, that makes you unique for your peers who care about the cause you chose to help. Shopping with Electronin is not an impulse buy, but it's a conscious choice for product design and impact option that resonates the most with you.

      How Electronin creates a lasting positive change for our world?

      To reach our ultimate goal of fixing the world largest issues with fashion, we established Electronin on three main ethos:

      1) Environmental sustainability: We created closed cycles within our company. This sustainability measure will minimize our waste. All the material we produce will be recycled and would end up as an art piece, so do not dispose of our branded material!

      Sustainable products

      2) Material productivity: Since our positive impact outweighs the blow of production, our manufacturing is ethical from a larger perspective. So even if you buy a natural leather or a first-hand plastic material from Electronin you will still have a positive impact on the world. Electronin empowers you to establish positive circles for a better future while shopping and make a large change in the long-term with one click. 

      Earth Friendly

      3) Social responsibility: Electronin represents people with good deeds, enabling them to come together to solve the largest issues of the world. When you purchase from Electronin it means you want to change the world and break the boundaries between people.

      Peaceful lifestyle