Cohabitation strategies for the planet

Since the industrial revolution, our growth has caused a massive disruption in the planetary equilibrium. Human civilization has been using the resources on earth without giving enough care to restore them. Our activities have cost animal lives, if not ecological catastrophes.

Consumption is necessary for every individual's survival, but the fashion industry's outdated consumption amplifies the rate of destruction, extinction and biodiversity loss of our planet. This means even our leader's lifestyles are still unfruitful for our world.

Electronin enables consumers to shop for an item without worrying about overconsumption because they are causing a positive change with each purchase. 

Electronin Fixes Four Major Issues by providing you with lifestyle goods.

Our first issue is Climate Crisis. There is no doubt that our civilizations are causing a tremendous shock on the planet. Our emissions are warming our planet, melting our arctic glaciers, and causing collapses in ecosystems. To tackle global warming, we partnered up with OneTreePlaneted in our Green Ronin Collection and plants trees with half of the profits on each product. 

Habitat destruction is destroying wildlife too, so our next concern is mass extinction. Today only %4 of all the mammal's biomass on the planet is wild. The changes we make in the world are detrimental to ecosystems since the animals can not adopt our changes as fast. To ensure the existence of wildlife in our future, we partnered with "OntarioNature" which aims to provide safe heavens instead of shelters for the animals. 

The last environmental catastrophe that we are aiming to resolve is Ocean Mismanagement. Today, our oceans face issues like plastic pollution, ocean acidification, and overfishing. These are causing a tremendous decline in marine life. Not only do we depend on our oceans for feeding the world, but we also originate from there. To stop dumping plastic into the oceans we partnered up with Empower.Eco. They enable people to bring plastic back for a profit. 

We also want to help the humanitarian crisis, because we want a peaceful future amongst our civilizations. To facilitate peace, we partnered with "Books for Africa" to empower vulnerable societies with knowledge. 

We kept the most emergency cause at the end for those who scroll too fast! Lack of clean water is causing approximately 6 million premature death each year. To end the water crisis, we partnered up with They hydrate people with this essence of life as a profession.

How Electronin can help every issues?

By giving 50% of the profits made on each collection to our partners while investing the other 50% into our business, we will reach more empathetical people around the globe.

By implementing circular systems within our enterprise, we take back all our material and up cycle to further our impact. We use resources again and again for greater actions.

By implementing diffrent colours for our product, we enable you to purchase towards what you believe in. To express your opinion on our world's issues peacefully you can buy towards diffrent Ronin colours.

Since we donate %50 of our profits to a charitable project, when you shop with us, you are investing in your future. As you press the buy button, you make a lasting positive change in the world.