Clean The Ocean

We made two big problems for oceans: Plastic Waste and Global Warming

The plastics helped us a lot during modernization of the world but now it found its way to oceans and eventually our bodies. We have a responsibility to remove waste now and recycle it before we damage more ecosystems.

Electronin send all the products with eco-friendly packaging to you and the plastic cases are recyclable, we also reduce our impact by donating half of our profit to the projects that aim to reduce human effect from our planet.

Oceans are the lungs of our earth, they are dynamic and alive this video from The Economist magazine documents effects of human on the most distant part of our oceans.

One way to save the oceans based on this documentary is replanting sea grass which store carbon X30 faster than rainforests, this is how nature adopted to global-warming in furthest part of the ocean.

Next video we invite you to watch is from Verge Science, this video shows the scale of the oceans ecosystem, the connectivity of it and how the ice melting can change every part of this dynamic ecosystem.

The next video discusses to the molecular events that are happening due to our emissions of CO2, this knowledge is important for saving the ocean and this is why we chose this organization to donate to.

If you feel that you need to do something more to save the oceans you can Have more impact by directly donating to electronin projects.