What is the meaning of love?

What is Love?

When Ronin was in school, he used to get bullied because of his curly hair. He was always in fear and alone in the school environment, so this fear caused him to hate everything in school. He got disconnected from social life until one day Electra saw Ronin and complimented him on his curly hair. After this, he no longer hated his hair and he was more comfortable in his own skin. So he started to love himself, and everything he used to hate himself for, now looked kinda beautiful.

After a decade Ronin got to know Electra more and he fell in love with her differences on a deeper level, 
Electronin is the fruit of their bound, and now you can enjoy this beauty on the internet.

A difference big enough to point towards can be a reason to love or hate something, we love that we are all different from each other, but so similar at the same time. Change your world by loving our differences.

Love the world by choosing Electronin as your favorite retail. Because not only we donate 50% of our profits, but we also make sure our products do not go to waste after your use.

Together we prosper to plant trees, remove our plastic, protect our wildlife, provide clean water and share books to show our love for the world.

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