Spiritual Principles to Attract Abundance in Your Life

Spiritual Principles to Attract Abundance in Your Life

Abundance is a mindset

5 ways to attract abundance:

  1. Witness your blocks and choose again: shift your focus onto abundance
  2. Respect your money
  3. Want more for others
  4. Practice the Prosperity Game
  5. Say a prayer for abundance: Thank you, Universe, for helping me reinterpret my relationship to money. I know my lacking thoughts are based on fear, and I’m ready to release them now. I welcome new and creative abundance, and I will pay attention to the guidance I receive. I am free from my financial fear. I am abundant.

3 big blocks to abundance:

  1. A lack mentality
  2. The belief that having money makes you better or less than others
  3. The belief that there’s not enough to go around

How the Prosperity Game works:

The Prosperity Game is a mental practice of receiving checks from the Universe. Every day you double the amount you receive. This puts you in a powerful container of playing around with this feeling of abundance.
Each day, as you accept this new check from the Universe, you have to spend every cent of it. You can spend it on food, clothing, a car. You can spend it on whatever you have enough for.
It sounds really easy, but if you are struggling with money, you are going to be amazed at how difficult it can be.
This a really important part of the game. The game is designed to help you understand what it's like to have unlimited money.
You can start at whatever amount you want, but I recommend starting big so that you have something to spend. Let’s say you start by receiving a Universal check for $1,000 on day 1. You need to then mentally spend that entire $1,000 by the end of the day.
List each thing you buy with an approximate cost. (Don’t get too hung up on specific prices.) The next day, you receive a virtual check for $2,000. Again, you have to spend all of it. The next day, you get a check for $4,000, and then one for $8,000, and so on.

Prosperity Game: Rule #1

You can’t give away your money to someone unless it’s for something special like a birthday. This is because we want to know that there is enough for everyone in the world.
If you’re handing a check to someone, you’re missing that they could also be in a stance of manifestation! It’s important to believe that everyone is entitled to create whatever they want, and their creations don’t have to come from a place of lack.
One exception: If you want to make a charity, then you have to make a list of what you need in order for that charity to be successful. In this case, you’re using the money to invest in what you’re creating.

Prosperity Game: Rule #2

Don’t put your virtual checks into an imaginary savings account, unless you are saving for a specific purpose. (And even then, don’t start saving for that big item until your daily virtual checks reach a big amount.)
The reason for this is that saving implies that someday there might not be enough. Remember, the Prosperity Game is an exercise in limitless abundance.

Feel your energy shift

When you play the Prosperity Game, you want to get into the practice of spending every day so you start to feel your energy shift. That mental opportunity to spend free day after day puts you into a state of abundance.
When you are in a state of abundance, you will have a lot of energy.
When you release financial fears, you’ll come to accept that you are not your lack mentality.
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