Greed is an intense and selfish desire for material wealth or gain. It can drive people to pursue their own interests at the expense of others, leading to harmful consequences.

So what are the roots of greed? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Psychological factors: Greed can be driven by a variety of psychological factors, such as insecurity, low self-esteem, and a fear of scarcity. This video from the TEDx Talks discusses the science of greed:

  • Societal factors: Greed can also be influenced by societal expectations and values. In a society that places a high value on material wealth and success, it's not surprising that greed can become a driving force. This video from Sofo Archon discusses the Psychological and Economic Roots of Greed:

What are the consequences of greed?

  • Harm to others: Greed can lead people to pursue their own interests at the expense of others, causing harm and suffering. This video from Crusaders for Jesus with Mary discusses the consequences of greed:

  • Environmental destruction: Greed can also drive people to exploit natural resources, leading to environmental destruction and degradation. This video from Lausanne Movement discusses the Climate Change and the Problem of Human Greed:

Understanding the roots and consequences of greed is essential to cultivating a more compassionate and sustainable society.

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