Freedom is a fundamental aspect of being human. We all have the freedom to make choices and decisions that shape our lives. But what is free will, and how do we exercise it?

  • Free will is the ability to make choices without external coercion. This means we have the power to choose our actions and decisions, rather than being controlled by outside forces. This video from Gilbert Serrano discusses the concept of free will:

  • We exercise our free will every day, whether it's deciding what to wear, what to eat, or how to spend our time. This video from TEDx Talks discusses the power of decision-making:

  • While we have the freedom to make choices, it's important to understand that our choices have consequences. Every decision we make has the potential to impact our lives and the lives of others. This video from Moses Busumu discusses how our choices affect our lives:

  • It's also important to recognize that our freedom is not absolute. There are certain social, legal, and ethical limits to our choices. This video from Humans and Society discusses the balance between personal freedom and social responsibility:

Understanding and exercising our free will is an essential part of being human. It gives us the power to shape our own lives and make our own decisions.

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