Impact is the effect or influence of one thing on another. It can be positive or negative, and it can have a lasting or temporary impact.

So what does it mean to make a positive impact? Here are a few ways that we can make a positive impact in the world:

  • Giving back: One way to make a positive impact is by giving back to our communities and to those in need. This can be through volunteering our time, donating resources, or supporting causes that are important to us. This video from Fidelity Charitable discusses the importance of giving back:

  • Making conscious choices: Another way to make a positive impact is by making conscious choices in our daily lives. This can be through reducing our carbon footprint, supporting local businesses, and making sustainable choices. This video from TEDx Talks discusses the importance of making conscious choices:

  • Being an ally: We can also make a positive impact by being an ally and standing up for those who are marginalized or disadvantaged. This can be through speaking out against injustice, supporting marginalized communities, and advocating for change. This video from
    M.I. understanding discusses the importance of being an ally:

  • Leading by example: We can also make a positive impact by leading by example and setting a positive example for others to follow. This can be through our actions, words, and attitudes. This video from Leading the Future of Work With Jacob Morgan discusses the importance of leading by example:

By making a positive impact, we can create positive change and improve the world we live in.

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